Nested ASP.Net Repeaters

Nested Repeaters - Very useful for parent-child relations.
<ul><li>One good reference.</li><li>MSDN reference.</li></ul>To get multiple tables, use a DataSet and Fill it with a DataAdapter.

It’s useful to give a name to the first table in the DataSet:


From the MSDN article on Populating a DataSet<blockquote>If the DataAdapter encounters multiple result sets, it creates multiple tables in the DataSet. The tables are given an incremental default name of TableN, starting with “Table” for Table0. If a table name is passed as an argument to the Fill method, the tables are given an incremental default name of TableNameN, starting with “TableName” for TableName0.</blockquote>The only thing left is to set the relations between the DataTables in the DataSet.