Where are the Australian public data APIs?

There is a lot of data in the world, and much of it is available on the web. But not in a format that is useful for making mash-ups and other applications that build on individual data sources to increase the value of each one. Especially in Australia.

What about an open, standardised way (think REST using JSON) to access Australian Bureau of Statistics data? A huge range of information - just think of the possibilities… display the data as a graph, combine it with news articles.

How about <a href=”http://forums.mactalk.com.au/678902-post1.html”public transport information</a>? It could easily be put on phones, combined with events to give great information about how to get to places. Google will also help to get more people using public transport, if it was freely available on Google Maps.

There is already a lot of information available in other countries. More and more data is being made available in the UK. Thousands of APIs are available for Mapping, Messageing, Music, Financial info, Social, Video, Photos, Email, and much more.

Easy ways to access information that is already publicly available can only be a good thing. There’s always a better way to display data, and who knows how the data could be combined to produce useful applications.