Little Bits of Geekery

Some fun innovative geekery for today. Some old, some new.

LittleBits is a collection of preassembled circuitboards, which can be connected by magnets, to create simple or complex electronics. The idea is to widen the reach of electronics and allow artists and non-experts to make their own creations. Something similar may have been done before, but LittleBits is at a much lower level. And seems more open with many more possibilities.


littleBits intro from ayah bdeir on Vimeo.

Aforge.Net is quite a cool C# library - it has powerful methods and algorithms for "Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence - image processing, neural networks, genetic algorithms, machine learning, robotics". Geeky stuff! And it's not just theoretical - it can interact with webcams, has been used to scare away rabbits using an auto-firing gun and other have built additional algorithms. Not to mention this video of object tracking:


And what bunch of geekery could be complete without Johnny Chung Lee's Wiimote projects? nintendo's Wiimote is quite a cool piece of hardware - it has a camera with hardware tracking, an accelerometer and Bluetooth. Lee's main three ideas involve using infrared light to track the position of various things. You can track your fingers, and use them to control your computer. Or create an interactive multi-point whiteboard. Or, my favourite, using the wiimote to track your head, a Viirtual Reality display - where your monitor is like a window, and when you move your head, the image on the screen changes to match. This guy is very creative - have a look at his Procrastineering blog, or his TED talk on the wiimote possibilities. Great stuff!