Open Source, Flickr integration

Over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to look into experimenting with some open source libraries. Coz it's fun. Aforge.Net is a "Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence" C# library. Comes with a range of algorithms, including some very neat ones for image processing. There are two things I want to try with this:

  • Some face detection (and maybe even recognition!) in my photos. it would be great to have a desktop version of Google web albums name tags. Search by Person's name! Not sure I'll be able to get fa r, but there's a lot of info out there.
  • Search using a photo. Or a colour. That would be really useful. Again, quite difficult, but there's plenty of info out there, as well as algorithms for comparing images.

In the spirit of images, I'm also hoping to get more active with Flickr. I'd like to start sharing more photos of landscapes and other things.