iPod Touch on Linux

And here I was thinking the smart open source guys had everything covered. I guess things are just doing so well I've developed some excessively high standards. Anyway, a friend of mine recently gained an iPod Touch. Yes, I know, I'm not a big fan of Apple, but they're really very cool :-). But we've looked high and low, and there is just no (easy) way to use it on Linux. It has to be Windows or Mac :-(

Even though the iPod Touch encryption was cracked two years ago, the newer iPods are apparently encrypted. Which means nothing much can be done on Linux without jailbreaking the device. Which we aren't willing to risk just yet. So, what to do? Well... Just have to go back to Windows, coz that's all that's left. Thanks, Apple for making this so hard for Linux.

For those that want to attempt doing things on Linux, start with the community documentation. Also, don't upgrade to version 3.0 - it hasn't been cracked yet.