Pidgin: Adding Facebook and Twitter

I've used Digsby for a while, and liked it, but moved away from it due to the closed nature of the app (not to mention the until recently hidden use of my computer for searching the web!). Instead, I'm looking at using Pidgin to keep up with all the various social networks I'm a part of.

It's taken some trial and errors, but here's what I've found:

  • Facebook: this plugin is the best and only current plugin I could find.
  • Twitter: there are quite a few plugins that allow access to twitter
    • microblog-purple is the plugin I recommend - it allows access to Twitter, Identica and Laconica, using the conversation window. It installs itself as a protocol, which to me make the most sense.
    • pidgin-twitter can access a few more microblogging services, including friendfeed. The downside I found was that it installs as a plugin that requires activation and configuration, and is rather difficult to use.

I know these solutions maybe aren't as good as what Digsby offers, but they are good enough as volunteer efforts around a free open source program.