Online Game Distribution

There are getting to be more and more "digital distribution platforms". Steam was the first to gain some attention, but more are appearing all the time. They have varying focus, with some offering mainly indie games and free games, while others offer mainstream games or a combination. Here are some of the ones I've found and a brief overview of what I know about them.

Steam - Valve Corporation
The Stream Review has some good news and information about Steam. (Desktop app, in-game enhancements, indie and mainstream)
Impulse - Stardock
Very similar to Steam, with a perhaps more open view on DRM and game availability. (Desktop app, in-game enhancements, indie and mainstream)
Greenhouse - Penny Arcade and Hothead Games
The download process is manual, but this one supports Mac, Windows and Linux, unlike some of the others. (Manual download, focus on indie games.)
GamersGate - GamersGate AB
Slightly less polished, it does use a 'downloader', but the process is a little clunky. (Desktop app, mix of indie and mainstream)
Archive Games - Archive Entertainment
Offers "games that are lesser known but still are great fun". (Desktop app, free and unusual games)
Good Old Games - Polish company CD Projekt
Best place for reviving games from ages past. The company partners with game companies to bring back old favourites. DRM free, and quite low-cost. (Manual download, focus on older games, both indie and mainstream.)
<p>Many of these services only offer prices in USD, which kinda sucks for those not in the US. One of the best things to do is browse around a while, and download a few demos. It really is exciting finding a hidden gem in a demo. There are also regular specials advertised on the sites and via their Twitter and Facebook feeds. I recently bought <a href="">Braid</a> because it was on special in Steam.</p><p>If anyone knows of any Australian-based digital content distribution platforms, please leave a comment letting me know!</p>