Steam Game Demo Reviews

I've recently gotten into playing aorund with Demos from Steam. It's a quite a good way to find out about new games, and Steam does make it easy to download and try out the games. I thought I'd go through some of the ones I've tried out and give my thoughts abot them.

Bad Rats by Invent4
Think "The Incredible Machine" meets Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons. The idea is to use random objects (barrels, planks of wood, beach balls) and particular rats (a smoker, a tractor driver) to kill a trapped cat. Rather barbaric, but if you can get over that, it does have a quite good physics engine. But it's hard to get over the killing cats part of the game. bit of an odd one, not really my thing.
Time Gentlemen, Please! by Zombie Cow Studios
This game is apparently a follow-on from Ben there, Dan that. Both of the games are a bit off-the-shelf, which is appropriate for Indie games. You play as Ben and Dan, two buys that are exploring weird places and getting at each other every time bits of things fly around. A basic point-and-click puzzle, the graphics and sounds really add to the game. A fun one that will certainly work for using up time, but may not be for impatient or more hardcore gamers.
Mini Ninjas by Io-Interactive
A beautiful game made by a Danish development company, Mini Ninjas has a slight cartoon-y feel in attitude, look and sound effects. Playing the game is good fun, jumping around and swing a sword while yodelling. Also, using your hat as a boat is rather amusing. I didn't get into it too much, and it may have just been the demo, but the character seemed to get in the way of actually seeing what you were doing. All up, great fun, and certainly worth checking out the demo.
Osmos by Hemisphere Games
I really can't do this game justice, but plenty of other people have. There are great reviews on Metacrtic. In short, it's a game about absorbing other balls of colour or 'motes'. Sounds simple, and at the start it is, but when the other motes begin to move faster, run away, and get smarter, it gets more complex - and more fun. Some brilliant ideas here in a small package.
QuantZ by Gamerizon Studio, inc
You control a rotating cube, which attracts colourful balls. The idea is to connect four or more to cause them to explode into a fireball... which is attracted to the cube, and can start a chain reaction. great fun as a puzzle game, but there are 3 ways to play it - strategy, puzzle and action. Clever ideas, and mesmerising visuals.
Audiosurf by Dylan Fitterer
I found this one a while ago, but it's such great fun I thought I'd mention it again. if it was slightly cheaper, I'd buy it. The name says it all - ride your music. Earn points for racing along highways created from music. Infinitely re-playable - just change the song! Simple, yet brilliant!

There seems to be a trend of colourful balls and playful cartoon-y attitudes. I'm not complaining, can't have games taking themselves too seriously. Give these a go! You can get the games individually from the developers' websites, but Steam just makes it easy to find things all in one place. It's quite possible to have a lot of fun without paying a cent.