MashupAustralia update

Well, the entries are now rushing in thick and fast. And why wouldn't they? With considerable prizes to win, there's every reason to get entries in.

 I've been working on an entry slightly different to most. My goal was to take some of the most difficult to work with data (ESRI shapefiles) and make something interesting out of them. Unfortunately, I just don't have enough time, as I suspected I may not. I'm still going to work on my little creation, but it's not going to be an entry. I know I need to be in it to win it, but the state it's in just now doesn't really give much to judge.

My idea is very similar to this entry - with the addition of making the data very easy to reuse. I must say, this entry is quite a bit more polished than mine would ever have been.

All in all, some very interesting apps - almost all maps of course, as that's what most of the provided data contained. It's great to see the data out there. Looking forward to some of these actually being used in government and other areas to be more informed!