More Steam Games

I've been enjoying some Steam Demos recently, including Plants vs Zombies and Mightier, which is freely available on the creator's website. Today, and the next few days, there's a sale on some Steam games - I've just picked up Plants vs Zombies for half price ($5USD), and Osmos for ($2USD). There are a bunch of other games on sale too. There will apparently be different sales over five days.

For some reason I'm coming to really like the indie games and casual games more and more. I used to think casual games were flash games, but they can also be desktop, and they can certainly be great fun! I especially like the Steam Achievements - things to work towards.

It would be nice to see some more emphasis on independent games on Steam and other services. Right now as far as I can see, most or all of the advertisements are for the more expensive or more hardcore games. Other stores such as Impulse also include other software, like design apps. Right now they're mostly all from Stardock Design and Corel, so there's not much that's interesting.

Hmm.. so, with all these neat ways of getting software online (including the mother of them all, the Debian Application Tools), there's no reason anymore for boxed software.