Australian government website - there's a lot!

There are so many government websites. I really did not know there was so much information provided, nor that it was so segmented. It's nice that there's plenty of opportunity to find information. Here are some of the websites I'll probably find most useful, or I want to mention. In no particular order.

Government shopfront (Physical Presence) Locator
This could be quite useful. It only has Medicare and Centrelink locations on it right now, but it could include many more, like Ombudsman locations or emergency facilities.
Information about child care and government financial matters. Also has a child care centre locator.
Financial and student information about schools around Australia. It's sites like these that make me wish I knew more about statistics. I'd love to get some raw stats and get some interesting facts and numbers. Don't get mixed up with
A - Z List of Government Sites
A necessity with the number of websites the govt has.
Genetically Modified Organisms - Field Trial Sites
Now this is interesting - a map of all the GM trial sites around Aust. They're all on the east coast. A bunch in west Victoria. There's a wide range of crops involved - Banana, Barley, Canola, Cotton, Grapevines, Indian mustard, Maize, Papaya, Perennial Ryegrass, Pineapple, Sugarcane, Tall Fescue, Torenia, Wheat, White clover.
Energy Star/Energy Rating
Confusingly, there are at least two sites for explaining energy ratings. Energy Rating seems much more up-to-date. Energy Star is focused on electronics. Energy ratings includes Clothes Dryers, Clothes Washers, Dishwashers, Televisions, Air Conditioners, Freezers.
Quarantine and Biosecurity Review
There are am ass of individual websites for reviews or once-off reports. Seems a little silly to give them their own website, when it would be easier to find and search for reviews and reports in one place. Always interesting to see the submissions.
Uncommon Lives
A National Archive of Australia (NAA) site recounting lives of people famous and not famous from the archives. Also check out the
Trove is a huge repository of media - books, letters, journals, photos, newspapers, acrhived websites... it is an awesome resource for research. And it only began mid 2009.
Understanding Money
Very useful tool. Yes, it certainly does seem like there's too much jargon and magic involved in finances. Might be useful, I haven't looked through the whole site.