"Installing your updates"

Does any one else get annoyed when an install, update, software prompt or any consumer tech of any sort - such as ATMs - says something like "Installing your updates"? Or "Installing your software"? Or even "Contacting your bank"? I'm not sure I can express it very well, but for some reason this annoys me.

Firefox is installing your updates

By emeidi on flickr

Perhaps it's the knowledge that in fact, no, it is not "my" software, or "my" update, or "my" bank. It is only licensed to me. Perhaps this is "personalisation" gone too far. What's wrong with "Installing updates", "Installing software" or "Contacting bank"? I'm sure there's some research on this around somewhere, but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find it. Perhaps it needs special keywords.

I'm probably being a bit over-sensitive about this. It's just a word, after all. However, it does frame - in quite a significant way - how the user feels about the software. I suppose it is positioning it as being controlled or operated by the user. I'd argue that is never the case. Most, if not all software, does things that not even the programmers understand, in part due to how big the software is. No one can understand and keep detailed knowledge of the entire application in their head.

Whatever it is, I'd much prefer the messages just tell me what I need to know, rather than attempting to connect with me. I use the software to connect with people... I'm not exactly aiming to connect with the software.