The state of Spotify

I've been using spotify for a little while now, and I thought I'd put down some of my observations.

First of all, here's one of the playlists I've made - Upbeat, the encouraging songs that I like.

I'm paying $11.99 per month for access to a huge array of music, in addition to the large collection I have locally. Let's start with some of the things I think could be better:

  • I find songs that I want to listen to that Spotify doesn't have more often that I'd like.
  • They still don't seem to support the video and audio elements. Which means all sorts of cool apps - visualisations, generated music, equalisers, games - can't be made or used.
  • There are some issues in navigation - some clicks start tracks playing, some go to info pages.
  • On occasion an app will just not work for a few days. This has happened with the lastfm, triple j and tunewiki apps.
  • Please, please, please, when I click on the close button, just close! Get rid of this silly 'close means minimise to the task bar/tray' stuff!
  • Are there really exactly 50 apps available? I would have thought there'd be many more than that.

And now for the good:

  • It is well past time that great desktop programs were simply wrappers around a browser. This is the way almost all desktop programs should be made.
  • Having said I find tracks Spotify doesn't have, there are so many excellent tracks available, it's usually not a problem.
  • The monthly $12 really does seem worth it to access pretty much any song I think of, when I think of it.
  • I like that queued tracks and other state is shared between computers. It doesn't always work, but it seems like it does. If I'm imagining this, then I guess my tastes are just that consistent.
  • Being able to see what other people are playing has been a great source of new tracks, bands and genres.

So all in all, there are still some gaps, but worth the $12/month, and I've certainly enjoyed the access to existing favourites, and new favourites.