Booming introduction to links that caught my attention

Genetic Machine Learning Algorithm for Cars
Cars created using a genetic algorithm try to drive as far as they can over a generated landscape.
All The Apps Have Been Written
Good or useful ideas do not have to be new ideas. Combining, improving and building on what exists is completely valid, and in many ways is what the software market and most web development is these days.
Queensland wakes to new political landscape
Analysis around the changes that may be in store for Kevin Rudd's electorate of Griffith (harder for the challenger), Wayne Swan's electorate of Lilley (easier for Swan),and Craig Emerson's electorate of Rankin (he's not running, so the incumbent vote won't apply). I just hope that the Katter and Palmer parties don't get much of a look in.
Ready, aim, throw! Lobbing rocks key to meat-eating
Being able to throw in order to take down animals for food may have an important step in human evolution.
Perfect Forward Secrecy can block the NSA from secure web pages, but no one uses it
Perfect forward secrecy can keep information encrypted using public/private keys, even if the private key is later discovered.
A Look at the Fucking Ridiculousness of the Texas Abortion Debate
"At what point must a female Senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over the male colleagues in the room?” was one of the best quotes of the night. "Let's protect women's sacred wombs, but GOD FORBID they ever try to make their own decisions or speak or take care of their spine."