A Quote on Feminism and Humanism

I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Way late to this, but as a secular humanist AND a feminist, I find it doubly offensive when people say "'Feminism' is too exclusionary, I'm a 'humanist'" because it's an inaccurate use of "humanism," which is a secular worldview that suggests that our "moral" values should come from our life experiences rather than religious dogma, and that life can have meaning and value without belief in a higher power or afterlife. Humanists generally do believe in equal rights for all people, but that's not what "humanism" is about. Humanism IS NOT an alternative to feminism, it is a complex world view. — belongsomewhere commenting on Faq: Why "Feminism" And Not Just "Humanism"? Or "Equalism"? Isn't Saying You're A Feminist Exclusionary?.