Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.... No. Stop.

My response to comments like "Knock yourselves out - track me all you want. I don't care what you see, hear or keep. I've got nothing to hide from anyone. If it helps establish patterns of behaviour that could lead to stopping a terrorist attack or solving a crime then go right ahead. " by Peter to an article about mobile phone tracking in Brisbane's Queens Street Mall.

To those repeating the 'nothing to hide, then nothing to fear' argument. Please. You might think this is innocent. You might think it is not targeted at you. You might think you've done nothing to warrant attention. This is not the point.

There is already camera surveillance, now tracking phones. Once anyone has a taste of power, they will want more. It will be abused. It is quite possible to make trouble for someone even if they have done nothing obvious wrong. Nothing to hide argument. First they came... Censorship by another name.

"First they came for our privacy, and I didn't speak out because I'd done nothing wrong. 
Then they came for the bikies, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a bikie.
Then they came for [something I care about], and there was no way left to speak."