Assuming Incompetence

The sentiment and points in the article You’re Not Stupid; Ello Is Badly Designed by Elena Palmer on The Toast are things I need to keep in mind.

“[Ello] wasn’t ready for a public beta – there were too many prominent bugs and usability problems. But when I looked at the conclusion on Twitter, there was a theme that wasn’t present in my own high handed criticism: a bunch of highly educated, internet-savvy women were asking each other, “Am I stupid, or is Ello not working?””

“there are many types of intelligence, a significant number of which are not suited to evaluation via tech use. But putting that point aside for the moment, let’s focus on the fact that we measure our intelligence via our ability to pick up tech and use it fluently. But when we fail, women almost invariably blame themselves, at least partially. Men almost invariably blame the technology, if they’re using it, and user error, if a woman is using it.”

I need to be more aware of my own assumptions and areas of skill. Knowledge and skills I do not possess are just as worthy and valuable as those I do. Perspectives that I do not have are often even more valuable than my own, as they highlight mistaken assumptions or areas I have neglected to consider. Most importantly, lived experience always overrides theory. I build software for people and provide research assistance to people.