Humans (TV Show, 2015)

I’ve been watching more of the free content on ABC iView and SBS OnDemand. There are some really good TV series available sometimes, and feels like there’s more and more being brought in quickly from the UK, US, and various other countries. There’s also some decent Australian content appearing as well.

I just watched the first episode of Humans. It’s from the UK, and is another take on androids, or ‘synths’ - robots made to look like people, created mainly to do menial tasks. The first episode mentions ‘Asimov laws’ - the operating rules for a robot. It also discusses the singularity, the point at which AI is able to self-improve and replicate without human support. The plot of the first episode follows an everyday family that buys a synth. However, this synth is one of very few who has feelings, thoughts, and something approaching consciousness. I liked this take on an alternate modern reality. The only difference is the synths. There are the same cars, jobs, and problems.

I liked the extras available as well. I’m always interested to get some background into the people behind a movie or TV show, from actors and writers.