The Avid Reader Reader

I visited Avid Reader in Brisbane’s West End for National Bookshop Day on Saturday 8 August. In addition to some peaceful colouring in while eating cupcakes, I was lucky enough to loan one of only 40 ‘The Avid Reader Reader’ books handmade for the day by the staff. The books are rather special ‘concertina’ or ‘accordion’ style books - each page is joined to the two neighbours, rather than to the spine.

The contents of the books were also written by Avid Reader writers, with stories and illustrations. I’m currently reading it. My favourite sentence so far is from Jon and Monica by Sally Olds

“He gets excited and overreaches, and Monica gently collects his identity and hands it back, like a friendly neighbour returning a rowdy dog.”

I’m keen to keep reading and finding more gems in this rather special handmade book.